Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Yvonne and Paul: A Love Story Made for the Movies

Sunny View Residents: Paul and Yvonne
In the 1950s Paul Hardman was living in Alabama, working as an aerospace engineer when he had a chance encounter that would change his life. While watching the 1956 musical Glory at the local drive-in, a lovely young woman captured his eye. Unfortunately, she was not a fellow movie goer – but rather a dazzling vision appearing on the silver screen itself. “I need to meet a girl like THAT,” Paul thought.

The girl in question was up and coming actress, Yvonne Ginest. 

Soon after her movie debut, Yvonne was admitted to the hospital for polio. She survived, but recovery was slow and her career was put on hold. Rather than return to acting, she decided to turn her attention to helping others suffering from the debilitating disease. She began working for the March of Dimes Telethon (a leader in funding polio research and treatment at the time) where she met some of the biggest names in music, including Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald.

Meanwhile, Paul’s career brought him to California. “I had just moved into my new apartment when I stumbled upon this lovely young woman in the courtyard. She seemed so familiar,” he said. He attempted to start a conversation but the woman had terrible laryngitis and could barely utter a word. “I ran back to my apartment, grabbed a pad of paper and a pen for her to write on and asked her for her name.” The young woman wrote her name down and handed him back the pad: Yvonne Ginest. Suddenly, it all came together. Paul had stumbled upon his movie star. Three weeks later he proposed. 

Fifty years later Paul and Yvonne moved to Sunny View after having their “eye on the place for years.” They loved the feeling of being close to nature as well as the friendliness of the residents and staff. “The settled us right in. The staff were just so wonderful.”

Paul and Yvonne continue their love story at Sunny View!

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