Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Poem of Thanksgiving


It's that time of year.
Crisp and cold.  And almost Thanksgiving.

I remember Thanksgiving dinners at Grandpa and Grandma 
Grandpa at the head of the table,
carving the turkey with a ninja sword knife.
Grandma's carefully manicured hands,
offering us French cut green beans with
We little ones at the children's table, 
olives on our f ingers, all around.

Most of all at Thanksgiving, I remember hands, clasped around  the table,
heads bowed, words of thanks offered.

I'm thankful this year for hardworking hands
nurturing hands 
welcoming hands
loving hands
olive-adorned hands.
If we can just keep holding hands
with each other,
and with the One who created us all, we'll be okay.

Thanksgiving Blessings. 
-Pastor Joan

Pastor Joan, Chaplain at Sunny View Retirement Community, was a beautiful shining light to residents and staff and a gift to all who knew her. She passed away last March surrounded by friends and family and her faithful dog Benji .

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