Friday, May 6, 2016

A Poem for a Rainy Mother's Day

The Rain Catcher

On Mom’s red jacket, raindrops did fall,

They made such a racket, a resounding call,
They bubbled and glistened and rolled off with ease as mother, warm, dry and so very pleased
said “listen, listen!”

 “I miss the sound of the rain,” she led,
Curious that, what’s that she said?
“The pitter patter on roof top gutters,
The split and splatter on sidewalk and shudders,
Listen, listen!”

“I live in a high-rise, no chance to hear
the raindrops as they come so near
It’s just a sound I remember clear,
it brings back memories ,oh, so dear,
Listen, Listen!”

A little thing, but perhaps one of many,
A raindrop catcher, can’t cost a penny?
A tin pan placed on the patio rightly
catches the pitter patter more than just slightly,
“Listen, Listen!”

 -Lauren Moulton-Beaudry, Ed.D,
Lauren Moulton-Beaudry, Ed.D, is Director of Ethics and Education of the Front Porch Organizational Accountability Group. This poem was written for her mother, a resident of Villa Gardens Retirement Community in Pasadena, California.

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