Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Front Porch Foundation Partners Fund Robotic Seal for Memory Care Communities

Paro, the robot baby harp seal, which was recently pilot tested at Front Porch communities, will soon be a permanent fixture at Front Summer Houses and other Front Porch memory care communities.

California Lutheran Homes, FACT, Pacific Homes and Sunny View foundations have all approved funding to purchase one or more of the audio-animatronic, interactive seal that helps engage those with memory issues including Alzheimer's Disease. As Front Porch partners, the four foundations philanthropically support Front Porch retirement communities. Paro will debut in the coming months at five Front Porch memory care communities and continues to be used at Summer House at Sunny View, the community at which Paro was pilot tested.
Paro isn't hard to love. It wiggles and squeaks. It shakes its head when its whiskers are touched. All of this courtesy of a 32-bit CPU and sensors that recognize touch, light, sound, temperature and position. Paro draws its energy from a battery charger. The Food and Drug Administration has designated it a "Class II medical device," the same designation as a wheelchair. [READ MORE]


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