Monday, November 24, 2014


by Mika Miller, Director of Resident Services at Carlsbad By The Sea

Daily I come to a place VOID of Youth – I have gratitude 

Listen carefully, approach softly, minds without clarity – I have gratitude
Speak loudly - diminished hearing – I have gratitude 

Build relationships to counter doubt and fear - I have gratitude

Pace slowly for those – whose stamina is NOT – I have gratitude

And in this place of “VOID” I am surrounded by GRATITUDE

GRATITUDE that people have slowed down to enjoy life, friends, family, purpose

GRATITUDE that through lack of clarity we can connect in new ways

GRATITUDE that speaking clearly and loudly allows time and better recognition of the REAL conversation

GRATITUDE to be able to build relationships on TRUST and that through the “VOIDS” we have created a safer and larger space in which to connect.

GRATITUDE that going slowly for others gives a better perspective on truly living

GRATITUDE that in the “lack of” there is actually more; more understanding, more depth or experience; and for that I am grateful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Alzheimer's Caregivers - Create a New Lens, Explore the Opportunities

By Nancy Gordon, director of the California Lutheran Homes Center for Spirituality and Aging 

A frequently cited statistic is after the age of 50, the disease most feared is Alzheimer’s—more feared than cancer, stroke, and heart disease.
Explore the possibilities and opportunities for creative expression,
expansion of spirit, flourishing of relationships, the sharing of hope and joy.  
There is good reason for this fear. Alzheimer’s disease (and other causes of dementia) robs the sufferer of what seems most intrinsic to their selfhood: their ability to remember, to think and problem solve, and to hold up their end of the conversation. For those who love them, the confusion, the sometimes delusional thinking, and the blankness that comes over their faces is heartbreaking. We do seem to be losing them bit-by-bit, and we fear that someday we may lose ourselves in the same way...

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nourishing Memory and Brain Function

By Peggy Buchanan, director of fitness at Vista del Monte Retirement Community

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, five million Americans live with the disease with that number expected to triple by 2050. But the good news is, even though it’s the second most feared health condition after cancer, lifestyle choices make a difference in how the condition progresses because our brains have the ability to reorganize by forming new neural connections throughout life in a process called “neuroplasticity.” Here are a few lifestyle tips to digest for preventing and/or reversing cognitive decline.

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