Sunday, February 9, 2014

What is Humanly Possible?

In January, Front Porch sent out a rallying cry to its staff -- everyone from it's front line workers to it's management team. It came in the form of a groundbreaking new strategic approach to “innovation with a cause” and greater collaboration -- Humanly Possible.

“When describing what Humanly Possible is, it’s important to first describe what Humanly Possible is not,” said Kari Olson, chief innovation and technology officer for Front Porch. “It’s not a tag line, it’s not a short-term initiative, it’s not the latest fad. This is really something significant and profound that builds on the past history of Front Porch and the spirit of the people in it and is designed to take us to new levels of achievement.”

This bold and transformative commitment is an authentic expression of Front Porch’s passion to create new opportunities and forge new directions. It is an organization-wide focus for “disruptive innovation, strategic development and partnership.” 

Do you want to hear and see more? Visit the Front Porch web site and watch the What is Humanly Possible? video.