Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Around the Corner From Villa Gardens

While everyone is well aware of Pasadena’s “winter ties” to the botanical world with the Rose Parade (I used to have people all around the world park in front of my house on Rose Villa street in Pasadena every January 1st), not as many people are acquainted with the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino and fewer still know that there is a second botanical garden in the Pasadena area, Descanso Gardens.

Located just a few miles northwest of Front Porch’s Villa Gardens Retirement Community, Descanso Gardens is a wonderful way for anyone, old or young, to spend a leisurely afternoon. As a former resident of Pasadena for 10 years, Descanso Gardens (along with its’ great museums, tree lined streets and all of the wonderful cultural and culinary choices in Pasadena) made me proud and happy to live where I did.

While the Huntington Library and Gardens reflects Pasadena’s more stately upbringing, a trip to Descanso Gardens shows the Pasadena environs more accessible, down to earth, friendly side. From an idyllic pond filled with ducks, turtles and fish (that seem to evoke those comfortable easy going “front porch” days we all long for) to the winding “trail-like” paths, Descanso Gardens has a little bit for everybody. My son is particularly fond of the miniature train that toddlers (and adults) can ride on.

If you live at one of our communities or just nearby and have never been, you owe it to yourself to check out Descanso Gardens. You’ll be very happy you did.

Have a place near your home that you love to visit? Tell me about it.

— Rob Klose
Director of Foundation Service, Front Porch