Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sense of Community

Having recently moved from Southern California to Northern California, I know that there are a number of questions and concerns people have about moving to a new place. For me, my biggest concern was finding a sense of community or a feeling of “belonging” for my family in our new location (we have a little one and live in a single-family home). Most of our friends still live in Southern California, and I can tell you, finding that sense of community has meant everything to us, especially since we live in a single-family residence. For us, that has meant working hard at meeting new people, trying to attend city/community activities, exploring the area. Forming new friendships.

If you’re a prospective retirement community resident, I’m sure you have some of those same issues and concerns. You want to feel like you belong. That’s why at our Front Porch communities we have resident life and activities directors, as well as other staff and your fellow residents, to help you feel immediately “at home” in your new home. We know that you want a true sense of community, and that’s what we strive to provide. When you’re at one of our communities, you truly feel like you are amongst friends. But my job here is not really to just tell you how great our communities are, I want to bring to your attention some of the things you may want to think about before making a decision to move into any retirement community.

Here is a short list of questions you and perhaps your loved ones may wish to consider before deciding how and where you want to enjoy your retirement:

• Are you really living your best life?
• How can I have more control of my life?
• What do you look forward to each day?
• Do you have concern for your spouse?
• Are you having fun or are you burdened with challenges of home upkeep?
• Do you spend quality time with your friends?
• Do you have opportunities to meet new people who share your interests?
• How easy is it for you to get around?
• How do you get your errands done? Is that working? What happens if there are changes?
• Do you drive at night worry free?
• What happens if your health needs change?
• Do you have access to emergency care should something happen?
• How dependent are you on other people?
• Do you feel safe?
• Are you confident your neighborhood will always be safe?
• What would happen if you fell or had an accident at home?
• Do you have an emergency response service?
• Is your home well designed to meet your future care needs?
• Who provides care or help when you need it?

I hope this list helps you in your decision making process.

Cheers and Prost!

-Rob Klose